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Geopolymers - How the pyramids where built in Egypt - Are the pyramids made out of concrete and artificial re-agglomerated limestone? Joseph Davidovits and the Geopolymer Institute crew shows that with only a few people, they are able to rapidly and easily produce several tons of pyramid stone blocks.

Re-Dating Puma Punku And Tiwanaku With Dr. Robert Schoch


Youtube - Brien Foerster - Published on Dec 25, 2012

The Great Pyramid Cartouche Affair - Khufu's Cartouche

Capricorn Radio - Robert Bauval  - The Egyptian Six (two inspectors of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and four others from the security personnel and a travel agent) have been jailed since February because they allegedly assisted German tourists (Dominique Gorlitz, Stefan Erdmann and Jan Gartig) in April 2013 to take a small sample of red paint from the Cartouche of King Khufu in the Great Pyramid. But now new official evidence has been found that the sample of  red paint from the Cartouche was taken in 2006 during the time of Zahi Hawass, which proves the innocence of the six

How the Great Pyramid was Built - Basic Construction Procedures - The following series of short videos describe the major aspects of our research.  This series includes computer generated animations depicting the fascinating construction process used to build the Great Pyramid.

Signals from Comet 67P / Rosetta Confirms

ESA - Rosetta’s Plasma Consortium (RPC) has uncovered a mysterious ‘song’ that Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is singing into space. The comet seems to be emitting a ‘song’ in the form of oscillations in the magnetic field in the comet’s environment. It is being sung at 40-50 millihertz, far below human hearing. To make the music audible to the human ear, the frequencies have been increased in this recording:

The Ape Man of Mars - Letters and Numbers on Mars - RockNest Curiosity Rover - Sesame Street on Mars

CivRadio - You can find these anomalies in the raw image from Mars Curiosity PIA16453.I'm not claiming I'm the first person to find these anomalies. I'm sure others have noticed these. I see what looks like a number "2" and a number "5" and a "C" and a small figure with two arms.

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